Application Hosting

Application Hosting


You use business applications to simplify administration and operations. But these apps have to be hosted somewhere for them to be usable – normally, the application processing is done on your own computer.

This isn’t optimum. The accompanying headaches can be considerable: time-consuming installation, configuration, and upgrading, as well as licensing and integration issues.

By contrast, Application Hosting is exactly what the words imply: an off-site host provides and manages the apps you need, freeing your time and resources for more important matters. Your only cost is a periodic subscription fee, and your only requirement is the ability to access the internet.

Our application hosting service eliminates the need for you to buy expensive servers, UPS, backup or incur costs of contractor install time. We host your applications in our Vancouver, BC data center.

With Uniserve’s hosted application service, you can access data and reports from anywhere at any time, on the system of your choice. Maintaining software becomes a thing of the past, and you never need to worry about your system crashing.

Solutions for our clients:

  • Affordable: Cost savings result from software not required to be licensed on a per server, per site, or per use basis
  • Low Maintenance: The software and hardware responsibilities are ours
  • Instant Access: Simply log in and start working – from anywhere in the world, and on multiple devices
  • Test New Apps: New hosted applications can be tested via different payment models
  • Automatic Backups: All your data is automatically stored on Uniserve servers

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