Unisafe – Powerful, easy-to-use security solutions


We are your one-stop-shop for surveillance and access control solutions – from cameras to door readers to technology support. We also offer managed firewall and ransomware protection.

Video surveillance with unparalleled image detail.
Using High-Definition technology we provide complete image integrity through visually lossless compression, while intelligently managing bandwidth and storage. When you couple it with the broadest range of megapixel cameras in the industry, you get superior image quality and maximum coverage.

Access control you can use whenever, wherever.
Any workstation with an Internet connection can become your centre for access control. Our software is browser-based, enabling you to manage employee credentials and access anytime, anywhere.

The industry’s easiest-to-use software.
Our video and access control software is designed with intuitive, easy to use interfaces at their heart. Our software puts you in the driver’s seat, giving you complete control of video playback.

Our products bring intelligence to the full end-to-end security system, making security proactive, not reactive.

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Toll Free: 1.888.907.7788
Scalable security solutions – designed with tomorrow’s growth in mind.
Your security needs today won’t be the same tomorrow. Whether you suddenly need to add additional buildings, doors or HD cameras, our security solutions are built to grow right alongside your business.

Our open platform is built for easy integration.
All of our security solutions are built on an open platform, which allows easy integration with your existing security systems and technology. Unisafe’s access control solutions are designed to support open field hardware from other leading manufacturers, enabling you to make the most of any past security investments and avoid licensing fees.

Our higher resolution lenses give you the ability to cover more assets with fewer cameras – while still providing incredibly detailed images to enable identification.